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Kristene Doyle

Ann Vernon, PhD, ScD, LPC, is president of the Albert Ellis Board of Trustees, one of the first diplomates of the Albert Ellis Institute, a member of the International Training Standards and Review Committee of the Albert Ellis Institute, a member of the Board of Consulting Advisors for the Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, and former director of the Midwest Center for rational emotive behavior therapy. In addition, she was selected by the American Psychological Association to do a counseling video demonstration titled Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Over Time: Psychotherapy in Six Sessions. Dr. Vernon is a professor emeritus of the University of Northern Iowa, where she served as coordinator of the school and mental health counseling programs for many years. In addition to her university appointment, Dr. Vernon work in private practice, applying RE&CBT with children and adolescents as well as with couples and individuals. She also edited book Cognitive and Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy with Couples: Theory and Practice. Recently she edited book Cognitive Behavioral therapy: a guide book for practitioners. Dr. Vernon is recognized as the leading international expert in applications of rational emotive and cognitive behavior therapy (RE&CBT) with children and adolescents and has written numerous books, chapters, and articles about counseling this population, including Thinking, Feeling, Behaving: An Emotional Education Curriculum; What Works When With Children and Adolescents: A Handbook of Individual Counseling Techniques; The Passport Program; and More What Works When With Children and Adolescents. She has been a frequent presenter at national conferences and has presented RE&CBT workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and South America. Currently she is a visiting professor at the University of Oradea in Romania and continues to do RE&CBT trainings around the world.

Windy Dryden, Ph.D. is Emeritus Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths University of London, and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy. He was one of the first people in Britain to be trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and have trained with Drs. Albert Ellis, Aaron T. Beck and Arnold Lazarus. He has been working in the field of counseling and psychotherapy since 1975. He values sustaining variety in his career and thus he has been working as a practitioner, trainer, academic and writer/editor. He has authored or edited more than 200 books, including the second edition of Counseling in a Nutshell (Sage, 2011) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: Distinctive Features (Routledge, 2009). In addition, he edits 20 book series in the area of counseling and psychotherapy, including the Distinctive Features in CBT series (Routledge) and the Counseling in a

Nutshell series (Sage). Until recently, he was the editor of the Journal of Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Therapy. Dr. Dryden is the writer of the first books on Rational Emotive Behavioral Coaching. As a trainer he has trained therapists in many countries including Britain, USA, Holland, South Africa, Turkey and Israel. As an academic he has worked at the University of Aston in Brimingham (1975 – 1984) and Goldsmiths, University of London (1995 up to now). He has also served as a visiting professor at University of Birmingham, East London, University of Westminster and London Metropolitan University. In 2005, he was awarded an honorary DSc in Psychology at Babes-Bolyai University in Romania. His major interests are in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and CBT; the interface between counseling and coaching; pluralism in counseling and psychotherapy; and writing short, accessible self-help books for the general public.

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